Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exchange 2010 - IMAP4/POP3 Read receipt Issue !!!

Issue:  Senders receiving read recipient notification report though email not read by a recipient. And few other cases, it is observed MAPI users  are getting their email status read automatically in their outlook though they actually dint,  but these users are also Black berry POP users and  when they disabled their Blackberry POP account it works fine
How it got resolved –

This is the scenario with Microsoft Exchange server 2010.

The “SuppressReadReceipt” parameter specifies whether to stop duplicate read receipts from being sent to IMAP4/POP3 senders that are using the “Send read receipts for messages I send “option in their IMAP4/POP3 e-mail program.

By default, this option is set to $false. By default, IMAP4/POP3 senders that use the” Send read receipts for messages I send” option receive a read receipt in both of the following circumstances:

·         When messages they send are downloaded by the recipient.
·         When the recipient opens the message.

For All users in your organization:

ü  Open  EMS >> run the following command>> Set-PopSettings  -SuppressReadReceipt  $true
ü  Open  EMS >> run the following command>> Set-ImapSettings  -SuppressReadReceipt  $true

For on single user:
ü  Open EMS >> run the following command>>set-CasMailbox – identity  username  - pop SuppressReadReceipt  $true
ü  Open EMS >> run the following command>>set-CasMailbox – identity  username  -Imap SuppressReadReceipt  $true

After run the commands restart the following services on the server.
ü  MSExchange Transport service.
ü  MSExchange System Attendant Service.
ü  MSExchange  POP Service.
ü  MSExchange  IMAP Service.

The valid values and descriptions for this parameter are:

ü  $false   IMAP4 /POP3 users are sent a read receipt each time a recipient downloads a message. IMAP4 users are also sent a read receipt when the user opens the message.
ü  $true   IMAP4 /POP3 users that use the Send read receipts for messages I send option in their e-mail client programs only receive a read receipt when the recipient opens the message.

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  1. Dear Raju,

    Thanks for posting thea article. It has helped us to resolve the same issue we have been facing.

    Kishore Kumar Masagani

  2. happy that my post helped some one.

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  3. Thanks you very much!!
    you solve my problem.

  4. There are on little failure in your discription: the setting -POPSuppressReadReceipt need to written without a blank.

    And I miss the the information to set -PopUseProtocolDefaults to $false for the single user to enable -PopSuppressReadReceipt. Else there are no effect to this setting.

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  6. Thanks for the article. We had this come up for the first time even though we have been running Exchange 2010 with over 500 POP3 users for two years. Thanks!!

  7. Hello,
    This don't work. Using Exchange 2013 CU11. :(

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